Patient Testimonials

“Elizabeth and Kirby worked to get my son in for a root canal- they were able to change the appointment to a sooner date when we had problems that needed immediate attention. The were so easy to work with and super nice. While there Leslie and Dr. Hwang were so nice- but more importantly the appointment got started on time and was fast and good work. They put a chair in the room for me and told me what was happening while they were working. It was a really positive experience, especially for such an dreaded procedure.” –Anna Reed

“I had a root canal did on today and I felt no pain at all. Dr. Hwang and assistant Meaghan made me feel very relaxed and they was very nice and polite, as well as the receptionist at the front desk.” –Leslie Walker

“Dr. Looney was the best he was nice and sweet and did a great job with my root canal. And his assistant Kathie did wonderful as well. Thank u again you guys” –Natasha Thomas

Effective and painless experience, superior staff with an excellent understanding and caring for my needs. Very professional painless experience.”– John H. Stoddard Jr.

“Dr. Looney and his staff are nice, professional, caring and helpful. I’ve had 4 root canals done there with very little pain or discomfort. Dr. Looney knows how to give shots better than anyone ever. I was referred by Boyd Dentistry who are also great.”– Sondra Personal

“Dr. Looney and staff are the best !! I was worked in yesterday morning with the worst pain on my top back molar ..I had the first root canal ever and was
terrified. Not only did they take of my pain…but had me cracking up.. I was totally relaxed with the help of happy gas and will highly recommend anybody needing a root canal to call Dr. Looney!” -Cathy Bailey

“Today I had two root canals done, was super nervous but Brianah and Dr. Looney may me feel so comfortable and I had a great experience!!! Could not have ask for a better staff they were all amazing.Jamie Browder

“Today I had a root canal done by Dr. Looney with assistant Amber and Leslie, BEST visit ever!! Whole staff so kind and gentle! This is the place to have any root canal issues resolved!”-Nae Tinsley